Chrome Effect Powder Coating

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Product description

Chrome effect powder coating is composed of epoxy, polyester, aluminum pigments and additives, through bonding process to ensure the final product showing a brilliant mirror effect. This product can be widely used for coating of kitchen and bath components. This product needs to be applied with a clear topcoat to achieve durable protection. CONTACT

Key feature

comparable to electroplating with brillant mirror effect | Good leveling, specular gloss higher than 500GUr | Excellent mechanical property

typical Appllcation

Bathroom components | Kitchen components | Domestic appliances

Powder Technical Specifications

Test itemStandard (test method)Indicator
AppearanceVisual inspectionLoose, color uniform
PSDASTM D5861D50:30-35μm
Specific gravityISO 8130-21.10-1.30g/cm3
Leveling property(180±2℃)GB/T655417mm-30mm
Gel time(180±2℃)GB/T1699560-360s
Stoving schedule
200℃ /10min (object temperature)

Film Technical Specifications

Test itemStandard (test method)Indicator
AppearanceVisual inspectionGood leveling and smooth
Specular gloss (60° )GB/T 9754>500GU
ImpactGB/T 1732≥ impact)
Pencil hardnessGB/T 6739≥H
Adhesion (cross cut)GB/T 9286Classification 0
FlexibilityGB/T 1731≤2mm
Neutral salt spray resistance*GB/T 1771500h
Humidity resistance*GB/T 1740500h

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