Heat Transfer Contact Powder Coating

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Product description

Heat Transfer powder coating is available in a series of chemical systems such as Polyester system, super durable system,Polyurethane system. And this series can be applied as the heat transfer printing primer to achieve the final imitation effect such as wood, marble etc. CONTACT

Key feature

Excellent clarity of heat transfer printing effect | Easy apply and paper removal | Excellent out door durability | Good mechanical performance

typical Appllcation

Aluminum profile | Aluminum alloy doors and windows | Aluminum curtain wall | Furniture | Guard bar

Powder Technical Specifications

Test itemStandard (test method)Indicator
AppearanceVisual inspectionLoose, color uniform
PSDASTM D5861D50:30-50μm
Specific gravityISO 8130-21.10-1.90g/cm³
Leveling property(180±2℃)GB/T655417mm-30mm
Gel time(180±2℃)GB/T1699560-360s

Film Technical Specifications

Test itemStandard (test method)Indicator
AppearanceVisual inspectionHomogeneity without defects
Color differenceCIE 1976(L*a*b*)

According to the negotiated acceptable △ Eby supplier and buyer

Specular gloss (60° )GB/T 9754

According to the negotiation by supplier and buyer

ImpactGB/T 1732≥30kg.cm(direct impact)
Pencil hardnessGB/T 6739≥H
Adhesion (cross cut)GB/T 9286Classification 0
Neutral salt spray resistanceGB/T 1771No obvious change after 500h test
Humidity resistanceGB/T 1740No obvious change after 500h test
Weathering resistanceASTM G154G.R. ≥50% and △ E≤5 after 250h UVA test

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