"Lichang New Materials" launched a new generation of real paint effect metal powder coating products

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"Lichang New Materials" launched a new generation of real paint effect metal powder coating products


[Chinese Coatings Purchase Network] Jinshan Yinshan is not as green as green mountains, and as the society attaches increasing importance to environmental protection, the paint industry is a matter of great urgency to change and develop new paint materials to replace traditional high-pollution paints. Spraying is already imperative. Dongmeng Group's Jiangmen Lichang New Material Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier specializing in the production and sales of environmentally-friendly powder coatings. The company has recently launched a new generation of real paint metal powder products that can replace highly polluting metal paints. Compared with traditional metal powder products, the new product has a brilliant 3D metal surface effect, and more stable at the same time, it can meet the requirements of coating performance and appearance in various fields such as construction, household appliances, furniture, IT, etc. Perfect replacement product for powder change.

“Lichang New Materials” is a first-level branch of Dongxu Group focused on R&D, production and sales of powder coatings. The company provides customized product customization services for customers in different industries, covering furniture, construction, household appliances, automobiles, general Industrial, agricultural machinery, lighting, sports and leisure, electronic information, glass products and other industries. The company's product line is rich and varied. The existing pure epoxy, epoxy polyester hybrid, outdoor acrylic, pure polyester, polyurethane, fluorocarbon powder, electroplating silver and many other products to choose from.

We always regard customer satisfaction as the goal of our work, and R&D as the core driving force for business development. “Lichang New Materials” will continue to uphold the quality of Dongxu Powder Coatings and will continue to provide customers with intimate products and services.